How to get unlimited uber rides


How to get unlimited uber rides

How to get unlimited uber rides

1) Create an UBER account.

2) If you havent used that first free ride you get, do so, then apply the code “FEELING22” and you’ll get a free $22 ride!

3) Use the ride whenever you’d like.

4) DELETE your uber account here: it’ll ask you to sign in and give a reason. Just put anything.

5) Within 1-2 hours your account will be deleted and unrecoverable. Sometimes it happens in a matter of minutes. You’ll receive an email when it’s deleted.

6) Open your Uber app and you’ll see that you’re no longer signed in. Sign up again using the same email, name, number, credit card, etc. And apply the same “FEELING22” promo code again when signing up. When you use the ride, just repeat the steps above.

7) The coupon above is only for US. If you are living in other countries, just google search for a similar coupon in your country. Likewise, the coupon code wouldn’t be forever, if it expires, just search for another one.

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